Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quasi Dynamic Groovy

I'm trying to summarise what I want from Groovy.
One of my goal is to use Groovy for numerical computing. I love Groovy syntax because it's concise, compact, and elegance when writing an algorithm. So I've started writing code generator from Groovy parser. It's relatively easy to start, if you have .jar distribution of Groovy.

Here's a list of my requirements:
- Partially static Groovy
- AOP support by design, at the level of the runtime system.

Challenges so far are:
1. Is it possible to make a Groovy class partially static? IMO, I think it would. The support reason is very obvious. Now, we can mix Groovy and Java classes in the same system.
So what if we resolve method references at compile-time. If the method reference is found we make it static, if not we just make it dynamic.
2. Is it possible to use the envelope technique to wrap around method calls, getters, setters, etc.
This technique can be used to have a dynamic AOP support.
3. How to keep the class semantic to be as similar as possible to the classic Groovy.

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