Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy new Year and Welcome ECO II

Long time I was away from Borland's ECO (Enterprise Core Objects) aka Bold for Delphi in Delphi 7.
Now I'm playing around it in the new Borland IDE - Delphi 2005.
I downloaded the architect trial version, and recalled my OCL ability.

ECO II impressed me, however there are some bugs in the IDE when I try to make complex EcoSpace with .NET's namespaces and Eco's packages. The Delphi 2005's Model View doesnot refresh properly. I hope this is fixed by the update 1 patch :), but I cannot test it because there is no update 1 of Delphi trial version.

I did not follow the first version of ECO which is bundled with Delphi 8, thus I dont know its improvements. But comparing with Bold for Delphi, I found that ECO has been simplified very much. The coolest feature found in ECO II is the ability to use EcoSpace in distributed environment, and now it's time for me to try it.

Great job!! the Borland MDA team :)