Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trust me, Grails will be a platform

Recently, SAP has released its Composition on Grails 1.0, the world first Grails distribution outside the project itself.
Yes, I said it is "the world first Grails distribution". This is really important to me as the release sent out a special signal that "Grails" will be "something" more that a normal web framework on JVM.

Thanks to Grails plugin architecture, you are able to get its core (thinking of it as a Linux kernel), put some plugins and scripts (think of them as programs around Linux), pack them together and that's it ! You got a web framework distribution that contains special features !

For example, imagine that you can have a Blog-ready Grails distro, a distro that contains some preset plugins, which help you create a blog like Wordpress in minutes. Or you can have a CMS-ready Grails distro, which enable you to 'grails create-cms' and you've got a Drupal-like system.

This will be a big step to take Grails into the next level ! Trust me, it's going to be a platform !

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