Friday, September 19, 2008

Hangman in ZKGrails

Actually, it's not for your eyes, but Robert Lee has found my hangman source code via Pastbin. Then he posted it on DZone, but what he mentioned is not 100% correct. This hangman app is built on ZKGrails, which is a ZK plugin for Grails (not only Groovy - check the language tag there in the source code it's 'GroovyGrails', not 'Groovy').

Hangman is the first challenge among us, a group of PAW66 developer sites in Thailand.(rails66, grails66, django66, seam66 etc.) We set this program up to show the power of each Web framework we love. I have blogged about this hangman in Thai on, if you can read. That's why I said it's not intended for your eyes.

One more thing I'd like to mention is that I host this app with Morph AppSpace. It's really cool that not only you can host Rails apps, all kind of my Java apps including Grails and even ZK just work there. You did the great job, guys !


friarminor said...

Reading that you're more than satisfied with the Morph AppSpace is great news for us (whatever language it is written in :)

Will happily share this with fellow Morph-sters!

Thanks, Chanwit!


chanwit said...

Hi Alain,

Right, it's really easy and amazing.
Please keep up good work !