Monday, September 26, 2005

Released EcoAccess 1.0 Final

I'm pround to present version 1.0 of EcoAccess, a free proxy-based declarative DAO library for Borland ECO.

I also updated a website to include one more tutorial - Query as List, and a special report to show that you can save many line of codes using EcoAccess.

You can download EcoAccess v.1.0 Final from


Axesys Estructuras de Inform�tica said...

Hello i want to use EcoAccess in Delphi.Net 2006 but i need the file Centillex.EcoAccess.Attributes.dcuil.

Where can i get it?

chanwit said...


You can use the tool came with Delphi for .NET (sorry I forgot its name) to generate that file from the Assembly file.