Saturday, September 24, 2005

Considering Briefcase Model for ECO

After playing around ECO II, I found that it is quite difficult to make ECO's elements serialized with BinaryFormatter. So, I looked back to DTO pattern, and tried to make a utility to generate simple DTO for wrapping ECO objects.

I named this utility ETO - ECO Transfer Object, and I found that it can work correctly to clone my simple ECO object graph. But I hope it to work with more complicated graph.
If anyone'd like to try this utility please contact me.

Moreover, I also try to make generated ETO objects to be compatible with CompactFormatter and hope that it could work on .NET Compact Framework. That's right, I wanna see ECO working on Pocket PC :).

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Anonymous said...

do you are using eco using .net remoting with encription?

kind regards