Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Refactored Suranaree.Galvanium (.NET/Java)

It is completely my fault trying to integrate some GUI features into my Galvanium framework. Now I refactor all GUI-related features out of the framework, and upgrade its dependencies (IKVM from 0.8 to 0.12, and lastest Hessian 3.0.8). The new binary will be posted soon. This version will be 1.0 M3.

  • At least 250% faster than XML Web Services
  • Lightweight Protocol based on Hessian
  • Seamless Integration of J2EE objects and .NET GUI
  • Direct .NET/Java type mapping
  • Display/Edit Java objects in Databinding Controls of .NET
  • Works behind Firewall
  • Support Mock Object via ClientProxyFactory

  • ClientProxyFactory
  • BeanDescriptor
  • BeanCollection

with additional 2 samples.

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