Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Annotion-Based SQL Maps: Part II (JDK 1.5)

I show you the code sample from iBatis SQL Maps 2.0 last post.
I continue realizing the idea:

public interface MyDAO {

ADR_ID as id,
ADR_DESCRIPTION as description,
ADR_STREET as street,
ADR_CITY as city,
ADR_PROVINCE as province,
ADR_POSTAL_CODE as postalCode
WHERE ADR_ID = ?value
public Address getAddress(int value);


Q: We need code genraotor to create a class from the SQL expression.
A: MiddleGen could help.
Q: Implement the above method using a proxy class, a runtime class-wrapper.
A: CGLIB or Javassist.
Q: Need parsing parameters in the SQL expression, and bind to method's parameters.
A: I think this can be done using in-house parser, or hacked from iBatis SQL Maps.


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