Friday, October 29, 2004

Dependency Injective Service Gateway

I introduce a new pattern to extend Service Gateway pattern.
This pattern help aggregating Web Services, and is implemented in my BoldSoap framework.
It optionally supports Aspect weaving.

As you might see in the figure below, this pattern consists of 4 main actors, Configuration, ServiceFactory, SkeletonInterface and GeneratedClass,

  1. ServiceFactory; it's the BeanFactory class in BoldSoap framework 0.1. The implementation is based on Javassist.
  2. GeneratedClass; this is runtime auto-generated anonymous class based on mapping information in the Configuration.
  3. SkeletonInterface; it's a reference interface that will be wrapped by GeneratedClass
  4. Configuration; the XML configuration that maps several WSDLs into the single access point (defined by SkeletonInterface)

Dependency Injective Service Gateway Pattern

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