Tuesday, October 05, 2004

BoldSoap framework

I'm now working on BoldSoap framework, a soaplet engine that utilizes XPath.
BoldSoap is inspired by Soaplet library of Dan Diephouse .
But I've found that his code doesn't work for me.
I need a soaplet to work with the complex type. Thus, I start coding BoldSoap.

I've hacked the Axis's client and cut some codes to make its Call class working with XPath.
BoldSoap is now using Dom4J as its XPath engine. (redundancy I know :))

BoldSoap 0.1 Features

  • Generate Call from WSDL (using DynamicInvoker code from Axis client)
  • Detect Soap Endpoint from WSDL
  • Set parameter with XPath expression
  • Get result with XPath expression
You can see BoldSoap framework on SourceForge.

As I mentioned about Peepthong framework last blog, it will be built on the top of BoldSoap soaplet.

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