Monday, September 10, 2007

How does Groovy AOP relate to GIT?

GIT is the name of Groovy just-in-time compiler, which is being developed. I'm using it as an underlying layer for Groovy AOP.

MetaClassImpl, the default meta-class of Groovy, picks a call for each invocation, which is a joinpoint in AOP theory.

GIT is trying to optimise this invocation process by checking the change of a MetaClass of each class. It replaces the meta-call with the real call, which is returned by the MetaClass. Weaving process in Groovy AOP will take the similar approach. But when MetaClass picks a real call, it would return "WovenMetaMethod" that contains also "before", "after", and "around" information. The runtime weaver then uses this information to generate an equivalent list of bytecode instructions and use them to replace the meta-call.

This is how GIT relates to Groovy AOP.

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