Saturday, April 08, 2006

AOP | Modularity ~= Responsibility

It's difficult to making change to many opensource projects that their developers are taking full responsibility to their own codes. The process of changing must be done via their process. Many projects use the opensource community to find their bugs rather than feature enhancement becuase the developer still want to control the way the project should be. This is somewhat to crash the innovations. Someone who has some ideas to completely enhace the original project has to *fork* to the new project. In my opinion, we can use AOP to solve these social phenomena.

What I've done is in the same way I mentioned above. At the first place, I want to add some new features to ZK. I created some new code and was thinking about sending the patch to ZK developers. But I stopped and thought again. If I send my patches to them, my code may break their code and it's not good for the ZK community. The development may have to be slow down because something will be patched into the core. So my solution is to convert all my new code into an aspect. Then I'll take all responsibilities to my aspect rather than push it to the ZK core developers. I think this solution could be good when someone wants to contribute a new thing to the core of some working frameworks. That's why the data-binding aspect has been made.

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